How Much Do Kiwis Earn [Infographic]

Here is an excellent infographic showing how much Kiwis actually earn, it is done by Joe McGowan from, here is what he says:

Being in finance for most of my life, it's not really a surprise to know that data flicks my switch!
I enjoy taking quite boring data and turning it into something visually exciting. So when I was delving into the New Zealand government stats over here, I stumbled upon some juicy resources around how much Kiwis earn and in what sectors they work in. With this material in hand, I decided to make an infographic on what I found.

I work for a responsible lending short term loan company and it's our job to understand the different wage structures from within different sectors and regions in New Zealand in order to make clear and informed decisions on who to lend to and who isn’t suitable to obtain a loan from us.

With this useful data in hand, why keep it to ourselves? That's why I created this infographic, as I find it quite a fascinating read.

It displays data such as weekly earnings by region, what sectors kiwis earn their money in, most popular sector to work in by region and some other interesting stats.

How Much Do Kiwis Earn Infographic