Get Paid to do Online Surveys At Home

Why do Companies Pay for Surveys?

Marketing companies receive major benefits from their research and one method they use is to enlist as many members of the public as possible to take part in surveys. This can provide a large amount of information on the habits, likes and dislikes of the general public at any given time or in a specific region. This kind of information can allow a company to avoid the costly mistake of launching a product which receives no interest or targets the wrong user group entirely.

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What Exactly Does Survey Taking Entail?

Survey websites offer cash rewards for the completion of online surveys which are used to aid market research for a variety of different companies. There is an abundance of these kinds of websites on the internet, so finding one is relatively straightforward and it can pay to spend a little time signing up to a range of them. Surveys can actually provide a worthwhile supplementary income in various forms. Though the rewards for completion are often small at first, if done on a regular basis they can rapidly accumulate.

Some examples of these websites are Survey Friends, Global Test Market and Valued Opinions, but there are many more. Surveys hosted by these sites use a number of formats, usually depending on which company is running the research study. Participation may involve listening to video advertisements, reading new marketing campaign materials, categorizing brand names or retailers into a scale of best to worst or simply giving opinions on a variety of topics such as politics, health, lifestyle choices or food and drink intake.

Though rewarded for their opinions and input, users have to ensure that they are honest and careful over their choice of answers as the systems are able to detect if a connected participant is rushing a survey or clicking through random answers without any consideration of the topic. This will usually result in disqualification.

Are all Survey Websites the Same?

There are other kinds of websites which offer surveys but work on a slightly different basis by providing not only surveys, but other kinds of activities that can earn you rewards through watching videos, performing searches and registering to receive email newsletters etc. These websites often award you personalized 'points' rather than money which can then be redeemed for gift vouchers, electronic downloadable media or electronic gadgetry.

Though this depersonalizes the relationship between effort and reward, obscuring how much you are actually getting paid for completing an activity, it is still usually possible to generate a satisfying weekly income from such websites. Furthermore, this means that the opportunities available extend beyond simply surveys and provide more ways in which to earn.

One such website that works in this way is called Swagbucks. Users accumulate the aforementioned 'swagbucks' as a kind of currency which can be redeemed upon reaching the desired amount for a specific item. Some of the most popular rewards include gift cards for the website Amazon. Though not monetary rewards, these cards still allow users to be rewarded with something that can purchase electronics, home ware, clothing, groceries and much, much more.

How will I be Paid?

Survey websites generally have very different policies for the payout of rewards to participants. Those dealing in cash usually have a penchant for using PayPal for the delivery of payments, which is equally as convenient for the customer as transfers are quick and charge free. Additionally, the time for PayPal to transfer funds into a bank account has improved greatly recently and can often be done immediately. This is also useful to those who regularly make purchases through websites such as eBay, as the funds may be left in one's PayPal account and put towards a future purchase.

It is also useful to remember that most websites have a payout threshold that must be reached prior to withdrawal. This means that, until you reach that amount in credit, you cannot get hold of your earnings, so don't give up or all of your effort will have been for nothing!

Isn't it a Scam?

It's not a scam! However, some companies may try to pry on unsuspecting internet surfers and for this reason it's important to consider a few things when you're looking for survey websites to sign up to. First of all, a survey website should never ask you to pay a fee to sign up. There are plenty of legitimate websites that allow free membership, and if you pay for one then it could be a scam. Even if it isn't, there's no guarantee that you'll make enough money to cover whatever costs you paid. Do ensure that you do adequate research before submitting any sort of payment details to receive your earnings.