How Much Money Can You Actually Make With Paid Surveys

Just register, fill in the questionnaire, and you'll earn cash! Yet another Internet scam maybe? Well no, you can earn legitimate cash and rewards by participating in paid surveys. Consumer surveys are a legitimate way to gauge public opinion, and have been around for a lot longer than the Internet. That said, no one can tell you how much money you'll make with paid surveys - that comes down to two factors, one of which you control and one that you do not.

Online Survey

How Much Effort Are You Prepared To Put In?

You will need to sign up for multiple survey companies and apply for as many surveys as you are eligible for. You will need to complete the survey to the deadline specified.

How Many Surveys Are You Eligible For?

The demand for your services will vary; sometimes there will be more work than other times. In addition, you may be screened out of some surveys because of your age/gender and dozens of other factors. This is not bias, it's business, companies only want respondents that fit their consumer profiles - so guys no one cares what you opinion is on women's shoes - sorry!

Survey companies or market research companies as is their proper name, are in the business of gauging consumer and public reactions. Do under 30 year olds think a new Vodafone logo be red or something different? How many male baby-boomers are interested in fishing enough to buy a magazine once a month. How popular would is Winston Peters, outside of Tauranga? Is the new fancy appliance that chops up vegetables, cooks them, blends them, and presents you with home-made soup, something you would spend $200 on? $150? $100? Would you in fact give in kitchen bench space? All of these are legitimate questions that market research seeks to find the answer for. That is where you come in.

Just with the Internet, you no longer need to be in "in the know" with a relatives and friends who happen to hang out with market researchers. Now anyone with a computer, and Internet connection and a few minutes can make some cash.

But How Much Can I Earn?

Let's be clear, you are not going to make a full-time living filling in surveys. You are not even going to make minimum wage. Nevertheless, if you have the time to kill, you WILL make more money than if you just sat in front of the TV watching yet another home renovation TV show!

There is no one figure - but with some surveys offering $5 it could add up to a nice little boost at the end of the month.

Now New Zealand is a small market, so you may not make the cash amounts mentioned on American or English sites. However, there are definitely survey companies that pay New Zealanders. Some of which are household names.

When the TV news says, something like "The Colmar Brunton poll of 222 people in South Auckland discovered ..." Have you ever wondered how they chose those people?
Colmar Brunton offers 10 Fly Buys points per a survey and says that you may get up to 30 surveys a year. That's 300 points which is enough to buy 48 Air NZ air points - so maybe a trip to Christchurch or Wellington. Or a Buzzy Bee or magazine subscription. As you probably already pickup Flybuys points on your weekly groceries and petrol station visits, so an extra source of them, will also allow you to get to the bigger reward levels faster.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Just to clarify legitimate online survey companies will PAY you - they will NOT ask you to pay them a fee of any kind. If you are asked for a fee - run, do not walk away. It's a scam. However stick with the legitimate companies.

Safe Surveys For New Zealanders:

How Will I Get Paid?

Companies will generally pay you with either cash, vouchers or by prize draws. Obviously, you are not guaranteed to win a few thousand in prizes every month - but you have a much better chance of winning something, than say lotto, plus you don't have to pay for the ticket!

Vouchers are probably the most common way of being paid. These are generally for stores that we all shop at regularly - including Farmers, Mitre10 and The Warehouse. As good as cash really. Now I'm no tax lawyer, but I really don't think you need to worry about declaring the odd $20 Farmers voucher. If you don't want the vouchers yourself, that's a Christmas or birthday present sorted out.

Sometimes you may even be given a product and asked to test it and use it your home. You get to keep the item after you complete the survey. You could of course always sell it on Trademe to recoup some cash!

Keep records though - most companies will have a minimum before they pay you. Or will get to accumulate points which can then be cashed out at a certain level. You won't get that reward if you don't keep on doing surveys until you reach the minimum.

If you have the choice, you will be paid much quicker if you accept direct debit into a bank account rather than a paper cheque. Vouchers too will often have an electronic option.

No Qualifications Required

The nice thing with surveys is that you are just being paid for your opinion, nothing else matters. You'll be selected for a survey on your profile: age, gender, smoker and similar criteria. So if you are NOT an under 25 year old female you may not get the surveys for a new trendy clothing range!

Surveys Could Boom Next Year

2014 is election year, and that means there will be a LOT of surveys. Not just the "Who will you vote for?" and "Do you think John Key is a good Prime Minister", but plenty of other surveys on attitudes to political issues. So sign up now, and at least you are making some cash while the rest of us just wonder if Winston Peters will be kingmaker, again!