Stay At Home Parents

Working from home is fast becoming something of a global phenomenon - and in New Zealand, like many other countries, the number of home based workers is currently on the rise. This should come as great news for parents - for thanks to a number of websites which offer genuine paid work opportunities and the chance to go into business on a freelance basis, there are now many ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home. Not only can this allow for a more flexible work schedule without the stress of commuting, it also offers the most important advantage of all - being able to spend more time with your children without losing out on an income.

Advantages for Parents Working from Home

Family at home

If you decide to work from home, you'll still be able to care for your children and earn money at the same time. Because working from home allows for a greater degree of flexibility, you'll be able to plan work around your family commitments and have infinitely more control over when and where you decide to complete jobs. Working from home also gives you the opportunity to continue to earn money even if you're on maternity leave, and to keep your work skills up to scratch in more relaxed, personal surroundings.

Many online jobs allow you to hone your current skills and develop new ones too, so there are plenty of opportunities for career progression in the future.

Another advantage is that you call the shots. You are now your own boss, so you can choose which jobs are best suited to your particular needs and circumstances. You can also save on travel cost expenditure, and use the extra money for special gifts, a vacation or even to help make ends meet.

Jobs for Mums

Mother and son

New Zealand has many job opportunities for parents looking to work from home. For example, stay at home mothers can register with online survey sites such as Opinion World and Toluna. These sites offer many incentives to voice and share your opinions with people around the world, earning money, vouchers and entries into free prize draws, as well as having the option to support a number of charities.

Many stay at home mums work on blogging websites by supporting advertising companies and testing their products. You'll be able to communicate with other mums and share ideas, while also making money by providing advert links on your page, where you earn money for each time someone clicks the link.

Further ways to make money from home could involve a hobby you enjoy doing. If you can bake, sew or paint, you could start out earning money by selling your products to family, friends and neighbours. This will help further your opportunities for business within the local community, and once your reputation's set, you could think about selling online either through your own website or any number of dedicated sites. Depending on your specific product, there are numerous opportunities out there - and it's well worth taking a look.

Jobs for Dads

Mother and son

If you are (or are thinking of becoming) a stay at home father, you can earn money in a number of different ways. For example, you might fancy trying out Forex trading, which involves buying and selling different foreign currencies by deciding how they well they are performing in comparison with other currencies. This would require keeping an eye on the various trading markets around the world and examining numerous factors involved in a currency's value and performance.

Another popular choice for stay at home dads is to create your own home business. This could be particularly advantageous, as you can capitalize on any hobbies or experience you may have; for example, computing, journalism or trading goods for online auction sites.

There are also a growing number of freelance writing jobs available. if you are good with words, and writing is already an interest, you could write articles for various magazines and websites, or concentrate on more specialised genres such as technical writing for engineering firms, or writing articles for academic journals and proofreading.

Jobs for Single Parents

As a single parent, you can find work in a number of different ways to suit your personal situation and requirements. If you're good at playing a musical instrument or can dance, you could set up your own home tutoring service or dance school in order to teach others. This type of venture would not only earn you cash for something you enjoy doing, but help you to meet other like-minded people too.

If you're qualified, you could start a home business involving hairdressing, beauty treatments or childminding. A lot of people are currently using this type of business as they try to save money in an uncertain financial climate. Childminding would also enable you to look after your own as well as other people's children during the day, and negate the need to sit at a computer if online work isn't for you. Of course, work of this nature (survey taking, data entry, article writing etc) could also be fitted in at hours to suit, if you still felt particularly energetic!

Skills and Personality Required for Working from Home

If you want to work from home, you will require a positive attitude and dedication to make a home business work. Organisational and time management skills will really come to the fore as you'll need to take into account the money you make, along with scheduling when to meet clients (if applicable) and work around your parenting responsibilities.

A parent who works from home will also require a certain amount of self discipline and be able to motivate themselves when it's time to work. It's important to choose the best time of the day to do so. When the kids are in bed is often an ideal time to put in a couple of hours.

If you're planning on working online, it's important to have a dependable internet connection to ensure any deadlines are met. You're also likely to need good computer skills such as the ability to analyse spreadsheets, basic word processing and researching skills.

No matter what job you decide to do, there are plenty of openings for parents in New Zealand to earn some money from home. You too can have the lifestyle that you want; spending more time with your children, earning money to make ends meet and affording those special extras. And all this for a job you can take pleasure in doing - at your leisure!