Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Is It Possible?

Have you ever wished that you could stay at home with your little ones and still manage to bring a bit of extra money in? Sometimes it's just not economically viable to pay for childcare and work. So it would be great to be able to stay at home with your children and still make some money, wouldn't it? Is it possible? Yes it is!

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What are my Options?

If you have a PC and Internet connection then the opportunities are almost limitless. However, it is important to realize that there are some scams out there. So all opportunities should be checked out carefully. You should rarely have to pay money to take up an opportunity of work so don't fall into this trap.

Here are some of the opportunities:

Sell Surplus Items on eBay

This is one of the easiest and risk free ways of making some extra money. Once you have opened an account with eBay, sort out items you would like to sell. Some good sellers are toys, children's clothes and cosmetics. You will need a camera so that you can add pictures. Be honest when you describe your item and try to price competitively, remembering to take into account postage costs and eBay seller fees.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer owns their own website or blog and uses this to bring in money.

This can be done by advertising a product on your website or blog with a click through to an online retailer who runs an affiliate program such as Real Groovy, a New Zealand online retailer of music, movies, books and games. If someone clicks through to a product and subsequently buys the item, you will get a small payment. The beauty of this system is that once you have set up your blog or website with affiliate links, money will continue to flow in if you have chosen your product carefully.

Crafty Business

If you have a skill that you can use to make some money, don't be afraid to try! If you are good with crafts, you could set up a business selling handmade cards or jewellery.

Sell your items on an online marketplace for handmade goods such as the New Zealand based website, Felt.

Online Surveys and other Work from Home Opportunities

You can earn money completing surveys, entering data, writing articles or reviewing music as
there are websites that specialize in completing this sort of work, and you can get a piece of the action. First of all make sure that you are joining a reputable organization. This sort of work brings in small amounts of money but all the pennies will add up if you work hard! You will also usually need a bank account or PayPal account into which your earnings will go. Check out sites such as Slice The Pie and Vivatic.

Earn Money Tutoring Online

There are many opportunities online to tutor students. If you have a specialist subject, or think you have the skills to teach English to international students - and a Skype account - this could be a viable opportunity for you.

Offline Opportunities

What if you don't have a computer or don't feel confident using your PC to bring in money? Yes, earning money from home is still possible!

Work as an In Home Child Carer

Work from home looking after children whilst also being able to look after your own child or children. This is not an easy option but a good career if you are able to set up a service like this. Please visit the ministry of education site for more information.

Become a Dog Walker or Pet Carer

If you like an active life, this is a great way to make some money. Get paid for taking pampered pooches for walks, or providing care for pets in your home. You could set up locally on your own, or join a directory such as Dog Walker New Zealand.

Become a Tutor

If you have a particular expertise in a subject, you could become a tutor to children or adults. If you are native English speaker, or are fluent in another language, you could give conversation lessons in your own home. Either advertise your availability locally or join an online directory such as Tutors Home.

I hope that this information has whetted your appetite to learn more about side jobs for stay at home moms - and good luck in the future!