About the Nielson Homescan Survey Panel

Gift Vouchers

How does it work

Nielsen Homescan is a system whereby members send information to Nielsen regarding the groceries they have purchased in a week. Users are given a scanning device that scans the grocery barcodes. This is then uploaded to your home computer where the information is sent to Nielsen. In return for sending this data, you receive points, which can be redeemed through a variety of ways including gifts and gift vouchers for popular retailers such as Mitre10, Rebel Sports and many more. Once you have earned sufficient points you can exchange them for products in the Nielsen Homescan Catalogue. Nielsen Homescan also occasionally offer surveys to complete, which are worth plenty of points.

Sign up now and start earning

With Nielsen Homescan you are limited to one active member per household. A general understanding is that the scanning process becomes more of a habit rather than a chore and is quickly adopted into your shopping routine. The rewards up for grabs are very extensive and aside from gift vouchers include products like kitchen appliances, televisions and other electric equipment. Participation in Nielsen Homescan costs nothing but a little of your time.